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The Psychiatrist

June 24, 2013
English: Low-resolution image of Samuel A. Car...

English: Low-resolution image of Samuel A. Cartwright, the psychiatrist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The short story of a preeminent Psychiatrist who this man was advised to go visit.  This is the story of one man’s life and how his visions caused another to diagnose and prescribe more pills to the man.  Thankfully we have doctors like this, and often know where to go to find them.

The Psychiatrist

I told the doctor that often I have visions which invade my mind. Visions of a person talking to me; sometimes visions of people talking to each other, and still other times animals chatting among themselves… Yes, in English. He asked if I actually heard the words. Of course. They are as clear to me as he was sitting there next to me. I sometimes try to ignore those visions, but other times, I find them so interesting that I simply have to listen to them…. sometimes I have to watch the interactions among the several people. Is it constant? No, just quite often. Sometimes for hours during a day… sometimes not at all, but often for hours.

The doctor found my relating these visions quite fascinating, and sometimes they are, but I seem to have accepted them as mundane. They have been with me almost all my life. As I told him of these visions and sounds, he looked a bit worried. He knew that I was telling him the truth, that I am indeed hearing and seeing these things. I explained to him that this most often happened while I was at home, but occasionally when I was out. He asked if the visions were asking me to do bad things to others, and fortunately, rarely do they. The doctor took copious notes as we discussed these happenings.

The fact that I was not being compelled to do bad things seemed to give him some sort of relief, but he still had a worried look on his face as he asked if this happened while I was alone? (He knows live alone.) Yes, most often they do happen while I am at home. And quite often when I am alone. In fact, more often when I am alone at home than when I am with someone there. He wondered if I knew I was alone, even while I was hearing and seeing these visions. Yes, I know I am alone, and that there really is nobody there, but nonetheless I also know that they are there.

At the end of the 50 minute session, the doctor pulled out his prescription pad and started writing. I want you to fill and take this pill twice a day and this capsule at night before retiring. I believe we are going to want to see you twice a week for the next month and see where we go from there.

I dutifully took the papers he handed me and smiled weakly as I agreed to his requests. I sometimes do not understand these doctors, I thought as I walked out the door. I had answered all his questions truthfully and honestly and yet he just jumped to the conclusion that I was nuts. He drew that conclusion from his experiences, not mine. He mind decided that he knew enough to think I was crazy, insane maybe, and needed to have his services for a long time before I could get over the visions.

As I drove home I reflected on this man who sat there asking me questions and realized that it is not his fault that he was that way. Society gave him his degree and certified him, but society could never give him my experiences and my life.

I got out of my car, and entered my home and did what I normally do when I got home… I picked up the remote and turned on the television and listened and watched those visions in my head once more.


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