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July 5, 2013

Employer Discrimination Due to the Wearing of Religious Garb.

Mult-FaithsI just watched a television program which showed an undercover camera running as an employer refused to hire three different people (at different public interviews).  This was a set up to see what people around them would do.  Both the employer and the job applicants were actors.  But it made me think.

The three people consisted of people of three faiths.  One a Jewish man with a yarmulka skull cap, the second a Muslim lady with a head-scarf and the third as Sikh Indian man with a turban.

The ‘interview’ was carried out in a restaurant at one of the booths so others eating around them could over hear the conversation.  It would go something like this:  ‘Your qualifications here are great, and I see you have a lot of experience working at restaurants like this.  You are perfect for the job, but of course we have a uniform requirement’.  To the Jewish man he said that he could not wear the yarmulka (also called a kippah; to the Muslim lady he said she would not be allowed to wear her scarf; and to the Sikh man, he was told that his turban would not be allowed to be worn.  He stressed that this was company policy and had nothing to do with the religion.  They could practice whatever religion they wished, just not on the restaurant’s property while working.  Of course, all three ‘applicants’ were upset and explained that they wear it for deeply held religious reasons.

My question to you is:  Should an employer be allowed to force an employee to not wear their religious garb on work hours?  Should discriminating about this be illegal?

To start this out, because I expect that my view is possibly a politically incorrect view, I will state it here.  However, before I do, I want to state that my family has members of just about every religion in it.  From Wicca to Christians to Jewish, and even even Muslim and I love them all.

It is my feeling that the employer owns the company should be allowed to discriminate against anything for any reason!  Wow, you think.  That is bold and ridiculous!  Maybe.  But it is my belief that since he is putting his money up to pay for the business to flourish, that he should be entitled to do so.  BUT, the public has the right to not frequent such an establishment, and if the establishment discriminates against a person for their looks, then the public should just not go to it.  Hopefully this would cause the employer to change the policy…. or go out of business.

What do you think?  Please note that none of the boxes below for responses are required.  So, no name is required, only a comment about it and hopefully your reasons behind it.   I am open minded so if your comment makes sense to me, I could change my mind.

Thank you.


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