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Honesty… doesn’t hurt as much…

July 22, 2013


Honesty… doesn’t hurt as much…

Simply put, Truth is the way it always should be… You can stop reading here… The rest of this is just my thoughts and feelings and mean very little.

If the words of the eyes are not true, then what good are the eyes… The only way in life is through truth and honesty… Life would be much better to know that what one sees and hears is the truth… The first time… And not some half-baked attempt at trying to keep one from being hurt by the truth… for we all know… The truth always seems to come out in the end… It is then, when we find out that what we felt was honesty was a lie… …That it hurts the most and does the greatest damage…

By telling your friend or lover, not what they want to hear, but what the truth is… you may sometimes hurt them a little at that particular time… but you will be saving them from a much bigger hurt down the line… By lying to them, all you are truly doing is saving yourself a bit of strife… This is but a short-term solution… Wouldn’t you really rather have the truth told now, than to find out later that you have been lied to all along?

To reiterate, truth may hurt a small bit at the initial telling of it… but if you lie to ‘protect’ the person you are talking to… you will always find that in the end, you have truly hurt them much more… much deeper… and to a greater extent… So, always do the easier thing… for you and your friend… Be honest… The first time… Every Time…

Getting down off my soap box… I am… just…

The Vegas Wizard


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