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  Just Me…

I am just starting back into doing a few posts of short thoughts and ideas.  I am not sure where this is going from here.  Admittedly my mind does work in some strange ways.  The posts are a bit eclectic, and some may be a bit on the erotic, but not pornographic.

I use to write quite a bit, and then life caught up to me, keeping me away for too long.  Now as I start this walk down a path that I use to know, I hope that what I write will stimulate some, make others think, and help inspire even more to walk this path with me, beside me, neither leading nor following, but side by side.

It was another on here, who inspired me, make me think and stimulated me to return to placing black on white and seeing what could be found on the pages of my mind. I thank her for such.

If you see something on here, that you like, please say so. If you see something on here, which you do not like, feel free to comment on that as well. I am nothing if not open-minded. I prefer constructive criticisms with ideas of how to improve my writings, but I am open to any, including spelling errors… my downfall.

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